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A lot of us are not familiar with Saint Maure Cheese

A lot of us are not familiar with Saint Maure Cheese. This is another top quality French cheese that was first made by a Loire Valley dairyman. Saint Maure de Touraine Cheese, commonly called as « Sainte Maure », is a log shaped goat cheese from Touraine, France. It is said to have been created during the Arab invasions in the 8th and 9th centuries, when goat breeding was first introduced in the Touraine region. This soft French cheese has a distinctive complex flavor. What makes this cheese unique is that it is an aged goat milk cheese. We are familiar with fresh goat milk cheese that is soft and spreadable. However, most French would prefer this older type. The aging comes with more complex flavor to this cheese. It has a walnut aroma and a slightly salty but nutty taste. It’s made from goat’s milk and is soft with a natural rind. The rind should be thin, smooth with blue-gray molding that is completely natural.

A lot of us are not familiar with Saint Maure Cheese dans General moncler-alpin-alpes-down-jackets-red1-272x300The traditional Saint Maure cheese will be produced with a blade of straw or a wooden stick placed through the cheese log from end to end. It is moist and creamy in texture. It is pure white colored and if the rind is not ash coated, it will be tan in color that becomes increasingly darker colored as it ages. Buying Saint Maure goat cheese will certainly bring creaminess in your delectable, mouth-watering dishes. You can eat it in plain, place it in sandwiches or you can perfectly add this to your mixed green salads. Make this as a cream to your fried-fish fillet or top it to your side dishes. You can also use this cylindrical ash colored French goat cheese to make delicious puffy pastry appetizers. Without doubt, this is one of the very best French cheeses available in the market today.

Making this cheese part of your shopping list will definitely be a smart choice. If you can’t find at your local gourmet store, try finding a good cheese shop or check out at Ideal Cheese website, they have available best quality Saint Maure Cheese. You might also want try their cheese board selection of the month. There are so many superb cheeses like Saint Maure cheese; it’s just waiting to be tasted by you. So what are you waiting for, try one now and get the ultimate French goat cheese experience.

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