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With enough heat wait until the potatoes become tender this usually happens

This fresh-water small lobsters looking crustaceans are called in different names. Sometimes they are called mudbugs, crawdads, crayfish or crawfish. So, the next time you hear someone call this in different name you know that it only mean the same delicious seafood -crawfish. These are harvested from the wild or farmed in the southern part of US and can be found also in China and Pacific Northwest. If you want to buy you can freely visit south side of the US like Louisiana or just surf the net to search for any crawfish farms that delivers live crawfish. Their prices vary from crawfish availability, sizes and its weight. The crawfish harvest seasons are usually during the months of spring. Once you have the pounds of live crawfish you should make sure that it is clean and all the mud is gone out from their system.


With enough heat wait until the potatoes become tender this usually happens dans General moncler-alpin-alpes-down-jackets-red2-272x300If not, you got to put it in a tub full of cold water with the box of rock salt. Set it like that for about max of 10minutes and the least of 7 minutes. Then pick out all the dead ones to avoid being poison as what some people believe in. Replace the water in the tub after you place the live ones in the ice chest. After cleaning it on that clean water, you can put it back again to the ice chest.  We all love to know how and where to avail these live crawfish because it is the main ingredient of our favorite delicious boiled crawfish recipe. It is among of the easiest way of preparing the crawfish. It will not be as tasty as we usually taste it without these supporting ingredients: 32 ounces of boil seasonings, 6 lemons halved, ten pounds sausage cut up in chunks which could still be fine without it, 8 onions, 5 pounds small potatoes, dozen ears of corn, several large cloves of crushed garlic, box of salt, 1 small can of cayenne pepper and a box of your favorite Creole seasoning. These are the ratio equivalent to 30 pound sack of live crawfish.  This time you got to prepare the crawfish pots, outdoor gas burners and the paddles. Fill in your pots with water halfway then squeeze the juice out of the lemons and leave it into the water afterwards. Add boil seasonings. Let it boil for 3 minutes in order to let the spices mix well.


Add the onions, sausage and potatoes to the crawfish baskets. With enough heat wait until the potatoes become tender this usually happens after 10 minutes. Make sure to put the corn on the top and the remaining the seasonings. Afterwards place the crawfish to baskets and stir them a little with your crawfish paddles. With enough heat, let it boil for another 5 minutes. When these are done let the crawfish soak for maximum time of 30 minutes and the minimum time of 20 minutes.  I understand that the big tables and chairs are already set up for the crawfish eating moment. It is never been as tasty and exciting as in holding out the crawfish head with your hand and tail hold by your other hand. Remember it is just as easy as this to learn this crawfish recipe. Ready get set irresistible crawfish time.

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